The Birth of an Idea


       Traveling the world opens up a flood of new perspectives, most humbling. In my travels I saw so many needs and realized my inability to fix a broken world. The answer is Jesus, but we are His hands and feet, the body of Christ made in His image to be doers of the Word, so what should we do?

       When I returned home at the end of 2015 I experienced deep guilt from my inability to help, then apathy, and many emotions in between. I had learned previously the hard way that attempting to structure a different culture like your own is not the answer. So going to them and planting a new church was not going to settle well with me, especially since my heart was spread out over so many very different places. But then what should I do? I tried ignoring the pulls on my heart, good luck trying that. I tried compromise with God, and especially reminding Him that I was not capable in many ways. Slowly in my failure and confusion the Lord gently and powerfully taught me that it was not about me. Deep breath, back to basics. It is about Jesus, true love, truth, His mercy and grace, His kindness. And a focus on not what I can not do but what the Lord can do opened up a flurry of ideas.

       The theme of the Bible from beginning to end is redemption. Redemption based on the love of Abba being given to us in the person and sacrifice of Yeshua the Messiah. To see clearly that the Scriptures are about the praise of God and not the efforts of man is truly enlightening.  My father's expertise and over 25 authored works in Jewish studies and biblical archaeology have shaped my understanding in a way that places mountains of evidence and context at my disposal, and I am truly blessed. My father saw the importance of seeing Israel first hand. He has made over 100 trips to Israel and seen many lives changed because of it. The idea was then conceived that using the tools we have at our disposal we could disciple a few key young men who desire to serve others and the church where they are, and bring them to Israel. It may not sound like much, or maybe it sounds like a waste of resources. But when hardships come and persecution is rampant the devil attacks with doubt. The devil twists our memories and dismantles our faith. But I know when those times came God used sweet memories of Israel, to remind me to go back to the Bible and when I read I saw all the places alive in my mind. The Word of God is given color, life, and substance when you have seen the Holy Land first hand.

       The need for encouragement and a depth of understanding was obvious as I traveled and preached. I envisioned the dear men I met gaining new perspectives without attempting to indoctrinate them into a different culture or church. The mission should be to build them up, show them new things, encourage them, and most importantly, love them. The Timothy Project name comes from the book of Timothy in the Bible. Timothy was a young man who had an exceptional reputation in his community, came from a racially mixed background, and his name means "honoring to God". The candidates for the Timothy project already honor God, and desire to serve others. The program for each participant will provide materials, books, videos, and personal training. But the goal is not become a new seminary or educational program, but rather connect the deep importance of Israel and archaeology to the Bible. They will be flown to Israel for 2 weeks to experience a Holy Land tour that would make the Bible come to life and bring deep historical and archaeological understanding.

       Imagine a foundation like that for a young pastor in a developing country, imagine him telling the stories with imagery of where Jesus walked and talked. Imagine the eternal impact he will have. An experience to travel to the Holy Land and receive depth of understanding along the way opens up the door to a bright future to impact the world! We are messengers and supporters of the world changers, and these young believers are the world changers who need our help. The Timothy project will be hard work, many more red eye flights, nights of prayer, and fund raising efforts, but totally worth it! I can not, but God can. The Timothy Project is the birth of an idea and will have growing pains, but the beginning of something new is exciting! Join me in Prayer, join me in supporting passionate young believers who desire to honor God. Help open their eyes to the world of the Bible so they can be world changers!


-Jon Edward Price






For the Timothy project candidates

The financial Goal of $57,500 (Materials, Training, Israel Tour, Seed Money)

Safety and Divine guidance


PLease pray for:

Figaro: HAITI - 

Figaro is serving in haiti with the Ream Team and going through intense discipleship along with the Timothy Project. Pray for his future and that his hearts desire to serve others would be rewarded by loving believers and not abused by harsh people and circumstances.

Dritan (Tani) - Albania -

Pray for encouragement and strength in a country with few believers. pray for his ministry using music and a passion for christ to ignite the hearts of others in albania.

Magesh - INDIA -

pray for young magesh's studies at university as well as his Timothy Project studies. Pray for safety in the midst of ongoing persecution.

Allan - Uganda -

pray for Pastor Allen's young church and their outreach to HIV victims. Pray for the focus and finances to go through the Timothy project and serve his church.

Shem - Uganda -

Shem is a new husband and father, pray for his family and new role in a local non government organization. pray for peace in his life and in the area of mbale.